The Crafty Scrapbooker

Creepy Halloween Scrapbook

Supplies Needed: (5) 12x12 papers, Foam Board, Hot Glue Gun

Step 1. Layout five 12x12 papers.( It can be decorative Halloween paper or what ever it is you want)

Step 2. Fold 3 of the 12x12 papers in half and then in half again. You should then have four squares on the paper. Take the upper right hand corner of all your papers and fold it diagonally down to the lower left hand corner of your paper.

Step 3. Cut two 6x6 squares out of the foam board.

Step 4. With the two 12x12 papers that you didn't fold wrap the foam boards in that paper.  Use the hot glue gun to glue the edges down.

Step 5.   Now your gonna lay one of your folded papers out flat and hot glue the edge of the paper that is a solid square and not the diagonal square to the back of the  foam board that you wrapped with paper.

Step 6.  Take that same paper and turn it face down with the foam board in the lower left corner.  The lower left square of your second paper (make sure its the side that's the solid square and not the diagonal side) and hot glue it to the upper right corner of you first paper.  Make sure when you glue the sides down that it's only the squares that over lap.

 Step 7.  Now take the upper right hand corner of the second paper and glue it to the lower left hand corner of the third paper.

Step 8.  Before you glue down the last piece of foam board lets close our mini book.  When you go to close your book the side that has the foam board on it.  The diagonal sides of the paper will fold in, meaning the the bend of the paper will point outward towards you.  The diagonal paper in the middle will fold inward away from you. The third page will be like the first page and fold outward towards you.

Step 9.  Once you have your book completely closed go ahead and glue on your last 6x6 foam board cover on.  The two foam boards should work as the covers to your book.

Step 10.  Your last step is to decorate the inside and outside of your mini scrapbook the way you wish.